Welcome to my practice. I believe and hope you will discover my approach offers a capable, warm, and professional environment. I work most commonly with men, from age 15 and up. Therapy with my clients can be brief or longer term, depending on client interest and need. 


I believe we are all fundamentally doing our best, but sometimes, ‘life happens’. When these life events are difficult, we may lose balance, experiencing periods where depression, anxiety, and/or other difficult feelings intensify. I am convinced it is normal and even appropriate in everyday life to have these feelings, but with difficult changes, they can become so strong, we seek help. This can be where therapy is useful. I feel it is critical the client feels a strong connection with the therapist. This bond creates a safe space wherein there is possibility to express our words, our feelings, and to frame them in our experience with a trusted and capable helper. A helper/therapist who can offer an outside, informed perspective to assist us in our own self-understanding, one who can help us find our own way back to balance.  I work with a wide array of mental health issues like depressions, anxieties, attention/compulsion issues, dependencies, traumas, grief/loss, etc., but choose to focus on the individual’s overall balance, believing these issues occur on a spectrum for all of us. I work from attachment and social justice lenses, convinced that our early childhood development along with who we are/where we come from, inform certain aspects of how we operate as adults. I am particularly interested in:


  • Increasing life fulfillment 
  • Life transitions
  • Relationships issues for Straight/Gay/Bi/Queer/Trans men
  • Chemical and other dependency issues (porn, video, food, etc.)
  •  Issues for Queer/Questioning individuals tied to gender or sexual orientation and often exacerbated by societal power and privilege 
  • Aging Issues that can feel acute at all age points
  • Coping with Cancer and other potentially life-shortening illnesses
  • How childhood attachment theory informs our current functioning 


For me, the answer lies within the client. I have the strongest of faiths in people’s ability to change. I have been fortunate enough to witness the amazing strength and resilience of my fellow travelers to rebalance, despite incredible life events, and the toughest of odds. I am but a witness and an advocate offering another perspective on life’s challenges and opportunities and it is a privilege to bear witness to the client’s life and work.