Welcome to my practice. I believe and hope you will discover my approach offers a capable, warm and professional environment. I work most commonly with men, from age 15 and up. My clients pursue therapy for issues such as, wanting to explore life’s meaning as it relates to changes and new life situations when these changes make them feel out of balance, or advancing their self-fulfillment by improving their interactions/relationships with important others in their lives, or to simply find better ways of coping with current challenging life circumstances. Therapy with my clients can be brief or longer term, depending on client need.

Some therapists prefer to provide a list of ‘disorders’ they work with such as depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, etc. I don’t believe we are ‘disordered’. I believe we are all fundamentally doing our best and life happens, moving us into situations, periods where these natural feelings, like depression, intensify. I believe it is normal and even appropriate to have these states but sometimes they can become so strong, due to life factors, we need help. Help in our words, our feelings, and framed in our experience, shared with an advocate, a therapist, who can offer an outside, knowledgeable perspective to assist us in our own self-understanding, helping us find our own way back to balance. So yes, I work with a wide array of these issues like depression, anxiety, etc., but choose to focus on the individual’s balance, knowing these things come along with the dynamic and mind-blowing challenges and changes called life. Outside of disorders, I do have experience and specialize in:

  • Life Meaning-Making/Life Transitions/Relationships of all types for Gay/Bi/Queer/Straight men
  • Coping with Cancer and other potentially life-shortening diagnoses
  • Chemical and other dependency issues (porn, video, food, etc.)
  • Coming Out issues for Queer/Questioning individuals tied to gender or sexual orientation
  • Aging Issues that can be particularly acute in the Gay/Queer community at all age points

For me, the answer lies within the client. I have the strongest of faiths in people’s ability to change. I have been fortunate enough to witness the amazing strength and resilience of our fellows to rebalance despite incredible life events and tough odds. I am but a witness and an advocate offering another perspective on life’s challenges and opportunities and it is a privilege to bear witness to the client’s life and work.