Seattle psychotherapist Terry Basolo

Hello, I am a Seattle-based psychotherapist who utilizes an array of selected techniques to best adapt to each individual, couple, or group I see, based on their life transition point or difficulty motivating them to seek counseling. I believe both short- and long-term counseling are beneficial, dependent on my client’s situation and their therapeutic goals.

I see clients from a diverse spectrum of ages, sexual orientations, gender identifications, races, and ethnicities for an array of focuses, but specialize in these:

  • Men newly diagnosed and/or surviving cancer and/or other life-threatening illnesses
  • Gay male couples/poly couples counseling
  • Men with dependency issues such as drugs/alcohol, sex/porn, video/technology
  • Coming out issues for the queer community tied to sexual orientation and/or gender identification

If you want to chat about counseling or make an appointment, I can be reached by phone at (206) 450-6223 or e-mail.

signature of therapist Terry Basolo in Seattle